Joseph Byrne

Lois Dodd

Garth Evans

Phyllis Floyd

Andrew Forge

John Goodrich

Carolyn Harris

Robert Jessel

Deborah Kirklin

Raoul Middleman

Ruth Miller

Wilbur Niewald


Kouros Gallery is pleased to present Watercurrents, an exhibition of twelve contemporary watercolorists working in a variety of abstract and representational styles and reflecting the full variety of approaches to watercolor today. Nearly 50 watercolors will be on view, ranging from closely observed still lifes to expressionistic landscapes to free-form abstractions, and exploring the great variety of contemporary approaches to a medium traditionally valued for its subtle textures and distinct luminosity.

A notoriously difficult medium, watercolor depends on the whiteness and texture of the paper for its unique effect. The translucent washes of color -- illuminated by the paper beneath -- lend watercolor its singular delicacy and luminosity while the paper's textured surface allows a particularly expressive variety of marks. Combining the immediacy of drawing and the rich coloration of painting, and first popularized by eighteenth-century British landscape artists, its full expressive potential and diversity were revealed by the remarkable efforts of such painters as J.M.W. Turner, Winslow Homer, and Paul Cezanne.

The twelve artists of Watercurrents -- Joseph Byrne, Lois Dodd, Garth Evans, Phyllis Floyd, Andrew Forge, John Goodrich, Carolyn Harris, Robert Jessel, Deborah Kirklin, Raoul Middleman, Ruth Miller, and Wilbur Niewald -- join in exploring the wide range of contemporary possibilities for a medium with a unique tradition.