Selected by Carolyn Harris

Watercurrents 2005 is an exhibition of the work of twenty contemporary watercolorists selected by painter Carolyn Harris. The watercolors on view reflect a variety of traditional and modern approaches ranging from geometric abstractions to freely brushed landscapes and minutely observed still lives. The participating artists include Rita Baragona, Joseph Byrne, Jane Culp, Anne Dunn, Phyllis Floyd, John Goodrich, Robert Harms, Carolyn Harris, Frances Hynes, Arthur Kvarnstrom, Ro Lohin, Eleanor Meier, Rose Naftulin, Janet Niewald, Elizabeth O’Reilly, Stephan Pace, William Stewart, Marilyn Swift, Kamilla Talbot, Nina Talbot, and Stephen Westfall. Artist and writer Stephen Westfall has written an essay to accompany the exhibition.
Rita Baragona
Joseph Byrne Jane Culp
Anne Dunn
Phyllis Floyd
John Goodrich
Robert Harms
Carolyn Harris
Arthur Kvarnstrom
Ro Lohin
Eleanor Meier
Rose Naftulin
Janet Niewald Elizabeth O'Reilly Stephen Pace
William Stewart Marilyn Swift Kamilla Talbot
Nina Talbot Stephen Westfall